Our EP "Because i wanted to" is out now!!

Listen to a few snippets or, why the hell not, get your own copy here.


1. Because i wanted to
2. One stitch at a time
3. Lonesome man
4. Liar
5. The dreamer


Produced by: Rilan Ramhane, Misha van der Winkel
Mixed by: Job de la Porte, Misha van der Winkel, Rilan Ramhane
Mastered by: Thijs van der Klugt
Musicians: Niels Broos, Nick Croes, Gino Bombrini, Kasper Kalf, Daniel Rose, Martijn Bosman, Rilan Ramhane, Misha van der Winkel, Julius Philips, Karl Philips, Matthijs Barnhoorn