Thursday jan 12th 2017

Good news! Our tour coming up in march. Would be great if you could make it to one of our shows.

(Tickets available on venue sites)

March 11th (sat) 20:00 Simplon, Groningen (NL)

March 17th (fri) 20:00 Hedon, Zwolle (NL)

March 23d (thu) 19:30 Luxor Live, Arnhem (NL)

March 24th (fri) 19:00 Patronaat, Haarlem (NL)

Apr 7th (fri) 19:00 Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL) 

Apr 9th (sun) 20:00 Rotown, Rotterdam (NL)

LONG TIME NO BLOG - November 11th 2015

Well, we havn't exactly kept you up to date now, have we? Appalling! So here is a list of things that happened during the summer:

- We were invited to play a couple of notes on three different tv shows. (Pauw, DWDD, Koffietijd) 

- In September we started touring around the country as part of De Popronde (Hollands biggest traveling festival) in over 35 cities with 140 other bands.

- We've started writing and recording our 2nd EP. Whoop whoop!

- In Januari we'll be visiting La Bella Italia for a tour through the south of Italy. We're already on a special diet to create more room for pasta and wine and pizza and ice cream... munch munch munch

- Also some exciting news was shared with us this morning. But, unfortunately we aren't allowed to tell you about that yet. Soo, stay tuned and we'll announce it next week.

That's all for now.

A fond salute to you, fellow worriors.

X atkd


The Unique Boutique POP-UP Tour - March 19th 2015

Time for a little update? hm hm? We think it is. 

As we like shopping, coffee, lovely people and making music we thought we'd try and combine all of that. It took us a while to gather ourselves and our thoughts and our plans but here it finally is. The Unique Boutique POP-UP Tour. Which is basically what the name suggests : us doing pop-up concerts in unique (preferably vintage or secondhand) stores.
You can find the tourdates under GIGS. Also this is the event on FB, you can invite yourself if you like!

Very much hoping to see you at one of the stores and for now: have yourself a lovely day!


EP SHOWER - Januari 27th 2015

Right. So the EP "because I wanted to" felt like our baby. What then, we thought, could be more appropriate than to throw the little imp a baby shower, or in this case an EP shower. So that's what we did and it was great.

After that we walloped in blissfull joy for a couple of days doing not an awfull lot when along came the news that our tunes are now available on spotify and itunes. That was also great.

Then a lovely chap from Kent, England sent us a review he wrote for our EP which you can read here:

Again, mighty great!

All together: we're not doing to shabby. More exciting things are yet to come so keep an eye out!


Because I wanted to - Januari 4th 2015

Well what do you know! Last week we picked up 5 boxes of beautiful looking, new smelling, smooth feeling EP's. The newborn is in good health, doing well and perfect to us in the same way a mother finds her baby perfect. Even if it has no hair, a big nose and a toothless, lobsided grin. (We are, of course, not implying that ours possesses any of these unfortunate traits.) The name of our little fellow (or preferably gal) is "Because I wanted to".
More news will follow shortly.


News - October 17th 2014

Recently we successfully finished a crowdfunding campaign. We had been writing for some time and felt quite ready to record our songs and share them with you. Thanks to all the lovely people who supported us we are now able to finance the recording of our debut EP. At the moment we are still happily attempting to finish it.